Bi chat lines detroit agendadating com

14 Apr

I find helping the customers very fulfilling, however the commute and the hours I work pm to am are not working out for me any longer.

If you do decide to work there, negotiate for a high starting pay rate as that will be the basis for any other position you take with the company. company sponsors several employee events each year.

Management seems to be hired on a friendship basis rather than education or skill set. If they do not like you, they will do whatever they can to fire you.

You use a computer system seemingly from the 1980's or early 90's to navigate Engineering data to help GM dealerships. And its a room full or car guys/ girls so if you're an enthusiast your coworkers are fun to talk too during calls.

Sometime's callers are rude and the info they need just IS NOT there, either deleted, out dated, or the engineers themselves haven't solved the issue yet.

This job is only for a paycheck until you find another job.

You will be fired or go crazy if you work here for too long.