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04 Mar

In early 1999, Guernsey's presented the auction world with a sale of several famous baseballs, including the Mc Gwire number 70.It fetched a record shattering price of just over million.If you would like to be notified of upcoming events, please join our mailing list. Sousa and Mc Gwire were slugging it out to break Babe Ruth's home run record.Do you have treasures of one of a kind objects that you are interested in selling at auction? The season ended with Mark Mc Gwire's record setting 70th home run.Catalogue is available here- The Nassau County Museum on Long Island's affluent North Shore was the setting for this spectacular auction that featured antique carved figures (cigar store indians, weathervane's, etc.) of every description.Catalogue is available here- At a time when the only type of cars to come to auction were Model T Fords and '57 Chevy's, Guernsey's conducted the first auction of vintage Ferraris, Aston Martins and Bugattis.

more info Catalogue is available here- The Maltese Falcon, the Eiffel Tower staircase, elements from the Statue of Liberty, a Harley Davidson from JFK's Dallas motorcade and a Coca Cola sign extensively "tagged" by Keith Haring were all part of the extraordinary elements in this unique event.There are few things as exciting as a live auction!At Guernsey's we pride ourselves on putting together extraordinary events to compliment the unique treasures that we sell.They all were part of Guernsey's Sports Immortals Auction.Catalogue is available here- Guernsey's conducted the auction of "Boyhood Dreams" when we sold the contents of Topps Warehouse.