Article on speed dating

17 Sep

The most basic are the UTC functions which return the date and time as stored in the Date object.Of course not everyone wants to work with UTC and there are local time equivalents of each of the above methods - just leave out the UTC part of the name.This should be enough for most, as the age of the universe is estimated to be around 13 billion years.Notice that positive values are used to indicate dates after 1970 and negative values are before the fixed date.If you have the right attitude, even a rejection won't take away from the thrill of getting out and trying new more If you are shy you understand that there are times it is difficult to know what to say and how to carry on a conversation.Local time is offset from UTC by a number of minutes.

The reason is that this is the Unix epoch, i.e it is around the time when the Unix operating system was created.

Notice that all of these static functions return simple numeric values and not a date object.

Also notice that earlier versions of Java Script didn't support these static methods.

There are, however, some very important tips to follow when embarking on a speed dating adventure.

read more Whether you're an old pro or new to the scene, if you're single and dating you know that connecting with other people can be challenging, exciting and occasionally disappointing.