Are martha stewart and kevin sharkey dating

10 Jun

Domestic Goddess and a bona fide shade queen, but did you know that Martha is basically living the dream?

Yes’s had her share of controversies, including spending nearly five months in prison for lying to federal investigators over a stock sale and a media empire that has seen its shares of ups and downs.

None other than the soft spoken and handsome and talented @Usher there was quite a stir and a very loud buzzzz!

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Drink of Choice: After endless activities, cocktail hour at sunset is beyond rewarding.

Not only is the environment inspiring, but the pantry is always stocked so we could whip up anything on the fly. Best Hang Out Spot: The top of Beehive–it's a nearly vertical summit we climb yearly.

This year, the #campskylands crew was invited by Martha's favorite neighbor to participate in a friendly match.

Now, at age of 74, Martha is thriving — mostly in part, because she does what she wants.

Telling Kardashian BFF Jonathan Cheban that he’s not a noteworthy celebrity? Pouring out wine on the street just so she can take the glasses home? Casually hanging out with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Usher? See seven times Martha Stewart confirmed she is living her best life below. While we’re well-acquainted with her ability to make a fantastic floral arrangement or prepare a branzino correctly, she is also adept at trying new things and making it seem effortless.

We all have our roles in the cocktail prep: Douglas was the muscle and squeezed all the limes and grapefruits, Kate mixed the citrus with orange liqueur and tequila to make pink margaritas with "no sugar" at Martha's request and Hannah mixed pink, black, and gray salt to mimic the color of the pink granite that paves Martha's roads to Skylands. This was our first hike of the season on one of Martha's favorite trails–with a 6 a.m. To earn your breakfast you are required to scale the mountain, but it's one of the most special ways to see the island.

After the hike, we prepared an all-American breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and delicious breads toasted up. Another Memorial Day tradition is a visit to Surrey Gardens Nursery to pick up the finishing touches for all the pots we plant on Martha's terraces–they make the most inspiring hanging baskets which is my favorite part of the nursery.