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08 Nov

In Munich, public pools, for instance, published cartoons warning migrants not to grope women in bikinis.Also in Bavaria, public money is partially funding sexual education classes including lessons for male migrants on how to correctly approach German women.Nude, without my glasses, and not speaking the language, I was gawky. Magoo and Woody Allen, I was everywhere, careening between steam rooms and cold plunges. Here, all are welcome to glide under exquisite domes in perfect silence, like aristocratic swans. Like a female flotilla, her peaceful face and buoyant breasts cruised by, creating barely a ripple. Warm, flat on my back, among 20 hospital-type beds. I stared up at the ceiling and some time later was jolted awake by my own snore. Wonderfully naked under my clothes, I could only think, "Ahhhh.Germans are nonchalant, tuned into their bodies and focused on solitary relaxation. It occurred to me that I wouldn't mind talking to her. On a recent trip to Europe, I spent an afternoon relaxing at the German spa resort of Baden-Baden.In two hours, I saw more naked people than I've seen in the last two years.He then gave me slippers and a towel, ushering me into a dry-heat room with fine wooden lounges — slats too hot to sit on without the towel.Staring up at exotic tiles of herons and palms, I cooked.

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BERLIN — The German government is rushing to integrate hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers, offering them language classes and the prospect of work.

The first significant numbers arrived in the 1680s in New York and Pennsylvania.

Some eight million German immigrants have entered the United States since that point.

We were swept into the changing area with no explanation. Whether on a Croatian beach, in a Finnish sauna, a Turkish hammam, or a German spa, a fun part of travel can be getting naked with strangers.

Suddenly they were naked and I felt like the Road Runner just beyond the cliff's edge. For me, enjoying the Friedrichsbad Roman-Irish Baths in Baden-Baden is one of Europe's most elegant experiences.