20 ideas for dating your wife who is lil wayne dating presently

28 Feb

How important it is to support each other’s hobbies/interests/careers.

We’ve both had success this year that I know we couldn’t have done alone.

As promised, we’ve updated our 10 questions to ask on your first anniversary questions to be much more versatile.

We also wanted to share these, so without further adieu here are Ten Questions to Ask Every Anniversary: I would redo our first day in Disneyland all over again! It was our first experience as adults together and I think we grossly underestimated how much fun we’d have!

Once you're together, hit him with your surprise—like tickets to a concert or a VIP table reserved at a swanky bar.

When it's nice out, go to a car rental place and check out a convertible for the day.

Find a strip in your city with a few spots in close proximity, and embark upon your own beer tour—hopping from bar to bar with your BF, taste-testing different brews as you go.

Little known fact: Most bars offer "sample-sized" beers in 8-ounce glasses, as opposed to a full pint.

Double or nothing if the instructor can tell what either of you actually tried to recreate. Visit all the landmarks you never go to, eat at the spots that are usually jam-packed and take cheesy pictures together while you do it.

It'll be just like your own impromptu, just-because vacay, sans the cost and travel time.

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you know you have someone supporting you 100%!

Reading scriptures together, praying together, and attending the temple all make a huge difference in your love, patience, and appreciation!