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20 Feb

Another excellent resource for both finding and sharing Zimlets and other custom Zimbra add-ons is the Zimbra Gallery.Zimbra customers and Community members often place their finished creations here for the Community to leverage for their own deployments.Consistent with the Act, the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (Cal STRS) welcomes your comments, complaints and/or suggestions, which may be submitted through completing the Cal STRS is dedicated to preventing pension spiking.A toll-free hotline has been established enabling anyone—the public, Cal STRS members, school district and county office of education employees—to report suspicions of pension spiking to Cal STRS.The following is a list of default Zimlets included in your ZCS installation: Since the inception, Zimbra has been a community.All of our Zimbra Collaboration Open Source Edition software, documentation and innovation has been created, tested, used, and discussed openly by people like you participating in our Open Source Community.

With the release of Zimbra Collaboration 8.5, Zimbra officially moved to Open Source Initiative-approved licenses.Zimbra has a large open source Community that can provide guidance on how to extend Zimbra functionality as well share code based on Zimlets that have been contributed to the Community.An excellent resource for more information is the Zimbra Forums where there are areas dedicated to development and Zimlets.The resulting product is comparable feature-wise to the typical Microsoft Office stack but offers more flexibility and a lower TCO.This Zimlet brings to your Zimbra Web Client all the capabilities and power from own Cloud.